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(Currently accepting project submissions for paintings and murals.  Will update about potential tattoo projects as my health allows)

     Thereforever Tattoos at Rip Van Wagoner's Gallaquarium is not your typical tattoo shop.  Focusing on fine art and larger custom healing body art, there are no tribal, lettering, or flash images to choose from.  Each piece is custom created to suit each client's unique situation.    Do to the personal nature of this work I reserve the right to turn away any designs, and warn that some pieces may take  an inestimable amount of time to culminate.  If you are in a rush, you are in the wrong place.  Please give a detailed description of your design ideas including size and placement and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.  Should you have troubles with this form please email me at  Those interested in originals or prints should email me inquiries at the same email above in case the etsy isn't updated.  I thank you for your patience in advance